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Our mission is to help our customers create beautiful unity between indoors and outdoors, with interesting, unusual and useful items for the home and garden.

Please browse our collection of unique weathervanes, outdoor clocks and thermometers, sunbrella fabric lamp shades, black wrought iron fireplace tool sets, decorative garden hose holders, gifts and home accents with garden flair.

Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your yard after dark, increases the security and safety of your home. .

Our garden and patio-related outdoor lighting items centered on quality, good looks, and versatility, from outdoor patio lights and all-weather models to portable, plug-in-anywhere outdoor lanterns.

Patio Tiki torches and oil Lanterns are a low-maintenance, beautiful way to decorate your backyard for evening use.

A new lamp shade is an easy way to breathe life into your favorite patio lamp.  Our Outdoor Sunbrella Fabric Lamp Shade Cover Replacement for Catalina Lamps offers carefree durability, while adding a touch of elegance to any sunroom or patio

Weatherproof lamps add to the beauty of your deck by highlighting architectural features and background plantings. 

Portable, plug-in-anywhere outdoor Electric Patio Lamps.

Decorative lighting allows you to enjoy your yard after dark, increases the security and safety of your home.

Quality products for your home, patio and garden including lighting and furniture.

Our Bestsellers

Catalina series of weatherproof lamps add a touch of elegance to any outdoor living area.

The charming style of these citronella flame lanterns is reminiscent of 19th century gas street lamp with the modern quality and efficiency.

A new globe is the perfect way to revive your favorite portable European Glob patio lamp. 

Our collection of Polish Pottery is festive, fun and fabulous. Every piece is handmade and hand-painted and yet functional for everyday use. 

Polish Pottery Stoneware

Polish pottery stoneware is extremely durable and will not crack or chip easily. Each stoneware set is hand painted by talented artisans.

Boleslawiec Pottery Plates

Each stoneware plate is hand crafted at the factory in Boleslawiec where artisans rely on time-honored techniques to meticulously decorate it by hand.

Polish Pottery Cups and Mugs

The hand-painted surface of every mug is scratch resistant, durable, hygienic and easy-to-clean. 

Polish Pottery butter dishes

Handcrafted from durable stoneware, our Polish Pottery Butter Dish is the perfect accent to any table.  

polish pottery trays and dishes

All our stoneware platters are handmade and hand painted

Polish pottery Christmas

Decorative stoneware pottery from Boleslawiec make a magnificent serving accessory for the holidays.

Quality products for your home, patio and garden
including polish pottery stoneware.